We hope you brought your appetite.

Our R&D lab loves creating unique applications for all of our dried fruit ingredients. These can range from traditional to exotic – our only requirement is that they be delicious. Below are a few of our favorite recipes. Be sure to try them all and keep checking back for more. Enjoy!

Dried Fruit and Cheese Pairings

Simple ingredients, bold flavors, no time at all

Prune and Gouda Cheese, a perfect combination of sweet and salty. 

Dried Apricot and White Cheddar drizzled with Honey, a trio of tart, rich, and sweet. 

Dried Black Mission Fig and Hard Brie with a Balsamic Glaze, creates a rich and creamy bite.

For each pairing, slice your cheese and dried fruit into small bite size pieces. Skewer a piece of each onto a large party pick (drizzle with glaze or honey, if called for). Plate and enjoy!

Balsamic Pickled Figs

Ready in 35 minutes (2 days downtime)

To pay homage to the figs ancient Roman history, this dish is a reminder that food should be impactful, memorable and rich in flavor. Use as a bold starter to your meal experience or as a transition dish between courses. Pair with a California Cabernet Sauvignon wine and enjoy the big flavor.

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Raisin Olive Tapenade

Ready in 12 minutes

Bring the taste of California sunshine into your kitchen with this flavorful spread. Inspired by Mediterranean influences and California agriculture, this dish is sure to be a hit with family and friends. Pair with a bold California Zinfandel and use as a starter for your next get-together.

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Chocolate and Dried Plum Mousse

Cook time 13-15 minutes

This elegant creamy mousse combines decadent milk chocolate, and the sweet sun ripened California Dried Plum in a rich tribute to the lustrous California Agriculture industry. From farm and field, this sweet treat blends into a velvety soft dessert that will be sure to impress even the most sophisticated of dinner guests. Bon Appétit!

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Date Bites

Ready in 30 minutes

This hearty gluten-free, no sugar added bite combines the rich earthy flavor of walnuts and the naturally sweet taste of California Deglat Noor Dates in a well-balanced treat.  Creamy peanut butter and made from scratch date paste creates a bite that is soft and decadent. 

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Golden Raisin Pesto

Ready in 20 minutes

Whether you’re entertaining guests or around the house looking for a flavorful snack, this recipe is sure to impress. Inspired by a love for cooking, fresh food, and big flavors, this bite size treat will tantalize your taste buds. Pair with a crisp fruity California Chardonnay wine or take it a step further and enjoy as an appetizer on your favorite pasta night.

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Date Cake

Bake time 50 minutes

This buttery moist cake combines rich earthy walnuts and naturally sweet California Deglet Noor Dates in a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Whether paired with your favorite cup of morning coffee or that sweet something at midnight with milk, this delicious cake is perfect for any time of day.

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Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, & Raisin Bites

Gluten Free, No Sugar Added

Bring the taste of childhood back with this PB&J inspired gluten-free, no sugar added cookie.  This guilt free treat, boasts the rich nutty flavor of peanut butter and the sweet impact of the California Raisin. Natural oats lend to this hardy, filling, and indulgent treat that is sure to please the child within all of us.

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