Champion® is an active and energetic brand that appeals to both adults and children

The design combines whimsical fruit patterns, friendly typography and bold use of color to create a visual that is both inviting and engaging. Champion® comes in a wide variety of packaging options making it suitable for any shelving format. The fresh design of Champion® brings a modern aesthetic to any shelf; while it’s economical pricing makes it the ideal control brand for forward thinking grocers.

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The Anytime, Anywhere Snack.

Over 40 million of these Sourlicious® golden raisins have been sold in the last 2 years. Raisels® test well with dried fruit lovers and shoppers who don’t frequent the dried fruit aisle. A completely unique dried fruit product, Raisels® combine the nutritional benefits of traditional fruit with a taste that kids and parents love.

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Newman’s Own

The Newman’s Own® Organics brand needs little introduction.

Founded by iconic actor/philanthropist Paul Newman in 1982, the brand has since raised over $450 million for charities across the world. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with Newman’s Own® Organics since 2004, helping propel them to becoming the #1 selling organic dried fruit brand in America.

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